Selected papers

  1. Pataky TC, Vanrenterghem J, Robinson MA (2016). The probability of false positives in zero-dimensional analyses of one-dimensional kinematic, force and EMG trajectories. Journal of Biomechanics, in press. [PDF]
  2. Pataky TC (2016). RFT1D: smooth one-dimensional random field upcrossing probabilities in Python. Journal of Statistical Software, in press. [PDF]
  3. Pataky TC, Vanrenterghem J, Robinson MA (2015). Zero- vs. one-dimensional, parametric vs. non-parametric, and confidence interval vs. hypothesis testing procedures in one-dimensional biomechanical trajectory analysis. Journal of Biomechanics, in press. [PDF]
  4. Pataky TC, Robinson MA, Vanrenterghem J (2013). Vector field statistical analysis of kinematic and force trajectories. Journal of Biomechanics 46(14): 2394-2401. [PDF]
  5. Pataky TC, Mu T, Bosch K, Rosenbaum D, Goulermas JY (2012). Gait recognition: highly unique plantar pressure patterns amongst 104 individuals. Journal of the Royal Society Interface 9(69): 790-800. [PDF]
  6. Pataky TC (2010). Generalized n-dimensional field analysis using statistical parametric mapping. Journal of Biomechanics 43(10): 1976-1982. [PDF]

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